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A Groom's Etiquette

Photo by: Jesse Rinka

It's your Wedding Day, Congrats! You need to be distinguished on your big day. As a Groom, the quintessential accessory that is dictated to every Groom would be the White or Ivory tie. It connects you to your bride and makes you the only one in the room with a white tie! If Etiquette is not your thing, we have so many awesome custom ties and accessories that will certainly distinguish you from your guests. 


A Groomsman's Look


Your bridal party should look well designed. We at San Marko veer away from the cookie cutter look of the generic 'matchy' look. Most generic images you see always have the groomsmen wearing a matching vest and tie to directly match the bridesmaid’s dress color. We have a different approach. One that coordinates the color, but with different shades or even complimentary colors to design something more eclectic. Picture a bouquet of flowers. No two flowers are exactly the same color. So should be your design...



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